How do I add a title from SPIN II

Mike Jackson

Last Update 3 years ago

Adding title documents to your matter can be done through the Titles Action. Once a title is added to Prolegis, the registration information is automatically drawn from title.  If a registration has previously been marked as permitted or non-permitted, or the registration document has been downloaded or notes have been recorded against the registration, that information will be available as a part of the matter.

To download a title from SPIN II, go to the titles action and complete the information in the Search SPIN II section. For this feature to function, you will need a Land Titles Account. You’ll enter your SPIN II user name and password to access and download the title.

Select either the current or historical title and select the Type of title.  Enter your SPIN II credentials and click “Order”.

Back in the Titles Action, click on the “Please select” button beneath the Certificate of Title field in the Extra Title Documents page and click on the title you would like to upload to the matter.

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