How do I set registrations as permitted and non-permitted?

How do I set an encumbrance as permitted and non-permitted?

Mike Jackson

Last Update 3 years ago

Land titles registrations are automatically recorded in Prolegis when the title for the property is saved.  You can designate a registration as permitted or non-permitted in the Titles Action.  Those registrations will then be populated in the Trust Letter, the Solicitor’s Opinion for the Western Conveyancing Protocol and the Direction to Pay, and other documents and is also available for use in the PDF editor.

Once a registration has been set as either permitted or non-permitted, it will automatically show that registration as permitted or non-permitted (as applicable) the next time that registration is on a title in Prolegis.

In addition to setting a registration as permitted or non-permitted, the actual PDF document of the registration can be attached to the registration.  Notes on the registration can be recorded on the registration.  That document and those notes will be available for each subsequent time that registration is found on a title in Prolegis.

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